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Reading and Discussing Feminist Literature
A place to make you think.
Wow, I didn't think this would come together so fast! Thanks to angrybeaverclub and petitpoussin for volunteering to lead the first discussions!

In the non-fiction category, we will be reading Cult of Power by Martha Burk. angrybeaverclub will be handling the discussion.

In the theory category, we will be reading Undoing Gender by Judith Butler. petitpoussin will be handling the discussion.

Both of these books are available on amazon.com and half.com for reasonable prices, and seem to be widely-read enough to be at most libraries.

In the interest of providing free reading, I have chosen "The Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti as the fiction for the month. I know, I know, it's poetry, but it's a didactic narrative and there is tons of feminist fun to be had with it, especially when it is examined within the contect of Victorian-Era England, pre-Raphaelite poetry and art, and Rossetti's own life. Besides, it's short (and part of the summer reading that I haven't started yet).

You can find it here. In the upcoming weeks, I'll provide additional background information about Rossetti and her genre. Anyone else who knows something on the subject is welcome to contribute as well.

Rossetti's other poetry is also fair game.

Official discussions start August 1st. Preliminary discussions are welcome before then, of course, as are any and all posts pertaining to the subject of feminist reading or getting to know one another. All I ask is that we stay relatively close to topic.

I'm still looking for volunteers to lead discussions in September and October. The submissions post is here, or you're welcome to shoot me an e-mail.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who has joined! I look forward to sharing this community with all of you, and I hope this will be a successful learning experience for all of us.

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Since this community is just starting out, I decided to make a submissions post for books for the next few months. After the October readings have been chosen, I prefer that all book proposals be emailed to me. I'll keep the selections posted in the userinfo.

Remember, when you make a suggestion, you are implicitly volunteering yourself to lead the discussion on it.

Open Spots

1. Fiction: "The Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti. Discussion leader: wednesdayxadams
2. Theory: Undoing Gender by Judith Butler. Discussion leader: petitpoussin
3. Non-Fiction Cult of Power by Martha Burk. Discussion leader: angrybeaverclub

1. Fiction:
2. Theory:
3. Non-Fiction Body Outlaws edited by Ophira Edut. Discussion leader: miripanda.

1. Fiction:
2. Theory:
3. Non-Fiction:

I'll do whichever spot in August that isn't taken first and fill in other gaps as necessary.

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Welcome to readingfeminism. I hope this community will be a success, and in order to achieve that, I'd like for everyone to encourage their friends to apply for membership.

Here's a short survey to get to know one another (please stick responses in the comments to this entry, not as new entries):

Favorite books (preferably ones you'd like to discuss here):
Two interests to go on the info page:
Any important feminist experiences you'd like to share:
Anything else you'd like to tell us:

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These are books that have already been discussed in this community. Please read this list before making any proposals. If you feel that there are any books on this list that we should revisit, you are welcome to email your friendly moderator with very good reasons as to why previous discussion of these books has been inadequate.


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