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Reading and Discussing Feminist Literature
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Dear all,

I am writing a paper in which I compare the 80s debate between the sex-positive and the MacDworkinite view on porn with the current debate on sexual image culture. I have to find out which positions there are taken in the current debate. 

One position is of course Ariel Levy's, who says that raunch culture is not liberating for women because it is just conformism to the old stereotypes. She says that raunch culture still treats women merely as body objects and that it does not give them room to explore their subjective sexual feelings.  

I am now looking for some article or paper which attacks her view. I was thinking of CAKE (http://www2.cakenyc.com/), but I really need a more academic answer on Levy. I guess such an article would explore the agency of women who take part in raunch culture or something like that.

Has anyone ideas? Thank you on forehand!

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Where did this month go? I apologize for not getting this entry started sooner. In my defense, I didn't realize that by suggesting a book I was also volunteering to lead discussion on it! But that's no problem...I am very passionate about the content of this book because I run into the Good Ol' Boy network everyday in my job.

So, has anyone had the chance to read this? Any opening comments to start the discussion going? :)

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Welcome to all our new members!

I'm still looking for September discussion leaders in the fiction and theory categories. Please reply to this entry if you're interested. I'm willing to take over one slot if I can't fill both, but my school starts back in September and I reaaaalllllly don't have time to lead more than one category.

I also need theory and fiction volunteers for October. All of the months after that are wide open, so feel free to volunteer for those as well.

Current reading reminder:

miripanda is leading the non-fiction category with Body Outlaws (edited by Ophira Edut). Discussion starts September 1st.

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Since discussions were supposed to start three days ago. Yeah. In my defense, I've been pulling fifty-hour workweeks (waitressing, no less) the last three weeks, so I've been alternating between super-busy and totally exhausted. Fortunately, I'm going back to school in two and a half weeks, so I'll have more time to devote to this community then.

That said, I'm leading the discussion on Christina Rossetti's medium-length poem, The Goblin Market. You can read it for free here. While I've already got some discussion questions and such sketched out, I'd first like to hear your initial responses to this work as a poem, a didactic narrative, and a piece of feminist (or anti-feminist?) literature as well as thoughts on what you'd like to discuss over the next couple of weeks.

For this week, I was planning on introducing you to Rossetti as an individual writer and as a member of the pre-Raphaelite movement.

Links for biographical information about Christine Rossetti

1. A short article that references a few of her poems.

2. A Wikipedia article.

3. The Victorian Web's sectoin on Rossetti.

Links for information about the Pre-Raphaelites

1. Pitt State's link-hub for Pre-Raphaelite women.

Victorian Web's overview of the Pre-Raphaelite movement

3. The Wikipedia article.

Anyone with other information is welcome to respond.

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